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I specialize in helping people listen to their bodies with gentleness and compassion so they can form more meaningful connections with themselves and others. 


I work with clients needing support with navigating body image struggles, grief, adolescence, parent-teen relationships, recovery from disordered eating, ambiguous loss, new parenthood, and other major life transitions. I am trauma-informed and client-directed. I work from a strengths-based, positive psychology paradigm - meaning I look for the beauty and strengths in who you are, and help you build on that foundation. I utilize the research of interoception, interpersonal neurobiology, attachment, somatic integration, and polyvagal theory to help clients understand how our nervous systems influence our sense of safety and our ability to care for our bodies from a place of gentle presence. 

I adhere to the six dimensions of wellness for my scope of practice set forth by the National Wellness Institute. Although I address all six dimensions with clients, I work primarily in the emotional, physical, social, and spiritual dimensions. More can be read about this here via the National Library of Medicine and here via the National Wellness Institute. ​The modality I work with for embodied eating disorder recovery can be read about hereI meet with most of my clients online, allowing them flexibility and convenience in scheduling appointments. Additionally, I offer consulting and mentoring for those in established practices. 


For more information please go here or feel free to reach out below with any questions you have.



I offer complimentary 20-minute phone calls to explore if we are a good fit for working together and to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you!

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