Wellness is made up of eight interdependent dimensions: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, vocational, financial, and environmental. Wellness counselors are trained to help clients find the tools and self-insight needed to create change in each of these areas. I specialize in the physical, social, and emotional dimensions. I work most often with clients dealing with grief, stress, anxiety, body image struggles, disordered eating, major life transitions, parent-teen relationships, and feelings of chronic overwhelm.


I work from a strengths-based, positive psychology paradigm - meaning I look for the beauty and strengths in who you are, and help you build on that foundation. I utilize interpersonal neurobiology, somatic integration, and polyvagal theory to help clients understand how our nervous systems influence our sense of safety and ability to form meaningful connections. I am trauma-informed, client-directed, and together we tailor each time we meet to what you need. 

I meet with most of my clients online, allowing them flexibility and convenience in scheduling appointments. In-person sessions can also be requested while honoring any required current covid protocols. For more information please go here or feel free to reach out below with any questions you have.  



I offer complimentary 20-minute phone calls to explore if we are a good fit for working together and to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to reach out. 

Thank you!

“Experiencing safety is the treatment, creating safety is the work.”

- Dr. Stephen Porges, psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and researcher of Polyvagal Theory